Piñonsol is a cooperative, created to sell its members' pine nuts directly. All of these members are pine nut producers-harvesters, who bring their product to the market with the motto, "from the pine to your table".

The pine nut market is increasingly competitive, with the presence of products from different places and varying characteristics that reach the consumer without differentiation. Piñonsol's goal is for its clients – and their final consumers – to know that every pine nut sold by Piñonsol undeniably comes from pine trees owned by the members, bathed by the sun of Castile and elaborated with the maximum quality and food safety guarantees.

Likewise, our facilities are the most modern in the sector, enabling us to work with the International Food Standard, IFS.

Remember that Piñonsol is an association of producers who pamper their product to the utmost every step of the way, so that it reaches you with all its quality intact.

Piñonsol, guarantee of traceability.
Piñon de sol, Pine nuts of sun, highest quality.




Piñones de Pedrajas de San Esteban. Piñon - Sol de Castilla y León