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Piñonsol is a cooperative created to market its members’ products directly. It was founded in 2003 by a group of pine nut growers, pine cone harvesters and pine forest conservers. Our goal was to bring our pine nuts to the market with the slogan:

"from the pine to the table"

In 2013, the Letoglossus occidentalis spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Since then we have suffered a progressive, drastic fall in pine cone harvests, leading the pine nut sector to undergo a profound reconversion. At Piñonsol we have opened up to new crops, incorporating other local producers and always with the same philosophy: traceability from origin and defending quality.


Incorporation of the cooperative


Inauguration of its facilities


Beginning of its export activity


“Piñón de Oro” Award


Award for the Best Cooperative Initiative


Surcos Award for the Best Cooperative


Pistachio processing project begins


Launch of the new brand Otropoco


They say that Toro is good land for producing pistachios and Santos does this by putting all the care required by the crop and all the love for the land that characterises the area into his work.

Santos Calvo
Pistachio farmer

“I’m a farmer, I’ve dedicated my entire life to the land. In the Toro area I have vineyards, beets, potatoes and now pistachios”.

Mariano harvests the cones between November and April, when the pine sap allows for harvesting without damaging the tree. They are stored and left to open under the sun of Castile, so the pine nut can preserve all its natural characteristic.

Mariano Sanz
Pine nut farmer

“My family has always lived off pine nuts. My grandfather
would go up to the pine trees to collect the cones, I saw my
father doing it and now I’m following the family tradition”.


Castilla y León has 98,000 hectares of stone pine and Pedrajas de San Esteban is the town of stone pine par excellence, which is why the cooperative was created here.

Our cooperative occupies a 3,000 square metre plot of land, on which we have built the warehouses, equipped with all the machinery necessary for the processing of pine nuts, including a powerful crusher, washing machine, electronic sorting machine and a large-capacity cold store, which allows the pine nuts to be kept in optimum conditions until they are sold.

We have expanded the initial facilities by incorporating the necessary machinery for the processing and selection of pistachio nuts, respecting the same health and food safety requirements that we already had in place for the production of pine nuts.

Finally, packaging in our own factory completes a process that begins in the field and ends on the table of our customers and consumers, to whom we guarantee a fully traceable product, with a guarantee of origin and maximum quality.

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