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The Pinus pinea pine nut is the seed of the Mediterranean stone pine.
At Pinonsol, we harvest cones between the months of November and April, when the tree is in the vegetative phase. We harvest and store them until summer, when they are laid out to open under the sun. Meanwhile, the seed continues to ripen while protected by the cone.
Pine nuts with shell obtained when the cones open are taken to the factory where they are shelled, selected and stored in controlled temperature and humidity conditions until they are ready for sale.
The result is a natural product traceable from the forest. Opening in the sun lends the nuts a special quality so they maintain their freshness and flavour for longer.
Pistachio crops are planted throughout Castile and León, especially in the area of Toro.
Pistachio trees take around seven years to bear fruit.
The trees bloom in mid-April, and the best pistachios in the bunch remain from their flowers. We provide the fruit with the necessary water and nutrients so that it begins to seed in August, bursting the shell.
Harvest comes around in late September-early October when the pistachio is ripe, with all the flavour of our local products.

Like all agricultural products, fruit from the common walnut (Juglans regia) adapts to the field where it is grown. The climate, soil and growing methods determine their characteristics.

Our climate —cold in winter and dry in summer— lends our fruit its special quality and flavour. Local production gives our nuts the characteristic freshness of a local product.