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The quality of our products and our love for the land and its fruits give Piñonsol its differential value. At Piñonsol we are committed to our customers, ensuring them a product with guaranteed origin, traceable from the producer to the consumer, and prepared at our facilities according to strict food safety standards. We are committed to our members. We work to give the added value of our products back to those who produce them.



NATURAL: a preparation process that is fully respectful of the product enables us to maintain the quality and organoleptic characteristics of our nuts. SUSTAINABLE: we are all producers; we care for the mountains and countryside because we live there. KM 0: our products are traceable from origin. There are no middlemen; we do not import from other countries. DEFENDING OUR ORIGIN: all our products come from our land. FOOD SAFETY: our facilities comply with all heath and food safety requirements for production in the European Union. ORGANIC PRODUCTION: our pine nut and pistachio production is certified organic.



ENERGY EFFICIENCY: At Piñonsol we are constantly transforming our facilities to improve energy efficiency and strengthen our commitment to the environment. We have installed solar panels that provide most of the power needed for our processes, thus reducing CO2 emissions. CIRCULAR ECONOMY We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We reuse our waste and by-products. Our drying rooms and the heating at our facilities are powered by our own biomass (pine and pine nut shells). Our packaging clearly indicates its composition and is designed for easier recycling.



At Piñonsol we have been participating in innovation projects for years. Improving our facilities. We are part of the working group that developed the Order regulating the pine cone and pine nut production, transformation and distribution traceability accreditation procedure for Castile and León. We participated in the PROPINEA research project for improved production, pest control and raising awareness on stone pine forest management. Member of GO PINEA, the Operating Group for Improvement and Innovation in Spanish Pine Nut Production. We collaborate with operating groups in other countries, such as Fertipinea in Portugal.