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Toasted and salted pistachios (100 g bag)


Species: Pistacia vera

Product weight: 100 grams

Packaging: Bag

Units per box: 15

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Natural: a preparation process that is fully respectful of the product enables us to maintain the quality and organoleptic characteristics of our nuts.

Sustainable: our members are producers who care for the countryside because they live there.

Km 0: our product is traceable from origin with no middlemen and we do not import.

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The fruit of the pistachio tree (Pistacia vera) is produced in several areas worldwide (Iran, Turkey, USA, etc.) but there are places in Spain with the right climatic and soil conditions for this crop. As with the pine nut, walnut, almond and hazelnut, Spanish pistachio production is of superior quality from both an organoleptic and nutritional perspective.

The pistachio is high in fibre, phosphorous and iron, as well as proteins (approx. 22% protein content).

A thorough process gives our pistachios even toasting and intense saltiness, making it hard to stop snacking.