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Walnuts with shell (bag 500 gr.)


Species: Juglans regia

Product weight: 500 grams

Packaging: Bag

Units per box: 12

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Natural: a preparation process that is fully respectful of the product enables us to maintain the quality and organoleptic characteristics of our nuts.

Sustainable: our members are producers who care for the countryside because they live there.

Km 0: our product is traceable from origin with no middlemen and we do not import.

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Like all agricultural products, fruit from the common walnut (Juglans regia) adapts to the field where it is grown. The climate, soil and growing methods determine their characteristics. Our climate —cold in winter and dry in summer— lends our fruit its special quality and flavour. Walnuts are rich in fibre and contain omega 3 fatty acids. Studies have shown their ability to help improve blood vessel elasticity, contributing to a decrease in heart disease