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Cold marinated tuna lasagne with spicy salmorejo and pine nuts

Ingredients for the spicy salmorejo:

1kg of pear tomato

5 g chipotle

2 g cumin

100 g sliced bread

100 g roast pepper

250 ml Oro de Bailén olive oil

2 g mint


Make an emulsion with all the above ingredients in a food processor and leave to marinade overnight.

-For the pine nuts:

200 g grated pine cone oil

100 g Pedrajas pine nuts

Vacuum-infuse the oil at 60º with the green pine cone. Toast the pine nuts in the oven and add to the previous mixture

– For the marinated lasagne:

1.5 kg carrots

1 kg onion

300 g leek

2 bay leaves

80 ml sherry vinegar

1 kg fatty tuna loin

500 ml Sunflower oil


Prepare a traditional marinade and emulsify the tuna and vegetables for the filling placing sheets of lasagne pasta and thin layers of filling in a mould.

Presentation: See photo.